Esotericism is suddenly a trending topic among celebrities or, at least, the use of minerals for their alleged energetic properties. And while there is no scientific evidence to support these properties, more and more young women with training turn to them.


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“Your hair is a part of your identity and a form of self-expression. When you rock the wrong shade, you feel off, and it could even age you. I always suggest staying within two shades of your natural color [with] a natural, tone-on-tone highlight for movement and contrast.” — Lauren E. Hack



"For us it’s all about how you feel, it’s about the intimacy of the service and the client feeling nurtured and taken care of,” said Lauren, a colorist with more than a decade of experience who specializes in balayage. “You’ll leave looking beautiful, you’ll leave feeling confident."



"The best way to determine how to use affirmations is to consider what’s going on in your life,” explains Lauren E. Hack, a hair-color specialist and Reiki practitioner who’s an expert in outer and inner radiance. “Your intuition will steer you in the right direction.”



If you love blonde hair—but also have a thing for pink, a trending color may be just the thing for you. "This color is a combination of copper and gold, creating a peachy-pink tone thank makes you look soft and feminine," says  Lauren E. Hack.